The SAVVY chair 2024
First edition

The SAVVY chair

Belgian designer and architect Jord Lindelauf created a miniature lounge chair for SAVVY in which our love for both the chair and letters melt into one resting point. Lindelauf pulled apart the name SAVVY, abstracted the letters and brought them back together again in a unique chair that catches the eye from every angle.

First edition
First edition
Jord Lindelauf
Year of birth
Brussels, Belgium
Architect & Furniture designer
Allu, K.5.21
While studying architecture and furniture design Lindelauf developed the special skill of making designs come to life from a 2D perspective. That method defined his work as a designer and to this day forms the starting point of every design. Coincidence also plays a role. Often, his designs arise from an accidental interplay of lines and only find their depth and layering in a later design phase. Everyday beauty, such as the contours of a paving stone, immensely inspires the Brussels designer. Lindelauf never compulsively or consciously goes looking for it, but when everyday beauty crosses his path, he is only too happy to be guided by it.
First edition
First edition
First edition
First edition
Although form always follows function in Jord Lindelauf’s designs, we cannot deny the particular aesthetics of each object and piece of furniture. His portfolio attracts attention through a unique, authentic and personal language of form that desirably makes its way to be incorporated into the home and heart of every design enthusiast. Lindelauf considers his mission completely successful if his work is then also to be cherished from generation to generation.
First edition
The SAVVY chair.01 is an abstract representation of the name SAVVY,
as a symbolic beginning of a growing miniature collection.
SAVVY is a PR, content and branding agency in Roeselare. We specialise in architecture, design and lifestyle // in launching and developing brands // in strategically guiding brands and companies in optimizing their communication // and in creating corporate magazines.
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