Oceanfront apartment by TJIP interior architects with an interior that stands out as one piece of furniture

Oceanfront apartment by TJIP interior architects with an interior that stands out as one piece of furniture

On the Belgian seafront between Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort, TJIP interior architects realised an apartment for a family of three. In the compact weekend residence on the second floor of a charming multi-family house, the focus was put on spaciousness and coastal experience. Therefore, colour and materials were used in line with the surroundings and the interior from entrance hall to the sofa was connected in one flowing line. In this way, one large piece of custom-made furniture was created that increases the space and at the same time the sense of security.

Groenendijk is a rare stretch of seafront promenade without high-rise buildings between the Belgian town of Oostduinkerke and Nieuwpoort. In one of the coastal houses still standing there, TJIP interior architects transformed a compact apartment with living room, kitchen and two bedrooms into a special weekend residence that celebrates the connection with the sea. The corner apartment on the second floor conveys a complete view of the beach and the sea.

To do full justice to that priceless canvas, the Belgian interior designers delved into a palette of colours and materials in line with the surroundings. Because of their special bond with the sea, TJIP interior architects have previously realised remarkable realisations on the Belgian coast. It allowed the team to perfect its approach to colour and materials over the years. In this apartment, for instance, the choice fell on soft travertine, a subtle use of wood and sand-coloured textures that immerse you in an endless sense of peace and serenity. Furthermore, subtle details ensure that the view is preserved, such as the height of the backrests of the bespoke sofa. If you sit in the sofa against the wall, thanks to the precise alignment, you can just barely see the seafront promenade with passers-by, but you will enjoy a full panoramic view of the beach and sea.

Form study
Characteristic of TJIP's work too is its approach to compact spaces, turning constraints into assets, creating a sense of space and making it unclear to occupants and visitors as to where the interior designer's work starts and ends. The Belgian interior design studio excels in absence, so to speak. The team turned the living space and kitchen into one single open space and the interior designers opted for a seamless floor that runs throughout the apartment. However, the biggest impact on how the space feels can be found in the bespoke furniture. After a form study, the team managed to link all the bespoke furniture together; from kitchen to bespoke sofa to TV wall and beyond. Add to this the right proportions, compositions and a sophisticated interplay of lines that balance the whole. It turns the interior into one piece of furniture that enhances both the apartment’s spaciousness and sense of security. Good to know: in the living area, the interior designers not only gained a lot of space with the custom-made sofa, they also alluded to the design of a ship's deck with its typical fixed custom-made furniture.

Illusion of a bed frame
To sum it up: in TJIP's apartment in Nieuwpoort, you live in the design and experience the sea to the full. Another remarkable feature in the holiday home is the bed frame in the master bedroom, which found its application as a wall relief in a very minimalist way. Together with the wall lamp, the oversized moulding was provided with the same colour and texture of the wall, giving the bed a frame and bringing it into connection with the rest of the room. Finally, we also notice the presence of textiles, such as the ceiling-high curtains over the full wall length. They are a favourite element in TJIP's portfolio because of their power to bring tactility and softness into an interior. Add to this the clever lighting plan that gives daylight a free pass and provides subdued artificial light in a very subtle and targeted way and you will get an unparalleled weekend stay by the sea that sticks to you like sand grains to your foot.

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Styling: Aurore Lameyre
Photography: Alice Mesguich

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