New architectural stories, the new monograph by architect Bernard De Clerck

New architectural stories, the new monograph by architect Bernard De Clerck

Fifteen years after the publication of his first book, architect Bernard De Clerck presents his second monograph. In 'New architectural stories', the Belgian architect takes you through new, high-profile realisations in words and images.

From Shrewsbury Road in Dublin, Europe's most beautiful and most expensive street with a collection of different historical architectural styles, to the large park forests around Bruges where Bernard De Clerck has already built several villas; these are just a few of the extraordinary projects recorded in his second monograph 'New architectural stories'.

The Belgian architect's impressive oeuvre attracts attention worldwide. The new book 'New architectural stories' clearly shows that after thirty years of building, renovating and restoring, De Clerck has reached perfection in creating timeless beauty, while being guided without frills by the surroundings on the one hand and by very diverse influences from the history of architecture on the other. The second monograph of this master of architecture also points out that even with a successful career of more than 30 years on his record, he has no intention at all of standing still or repeating himself.

"We look for what is going on at a future construction or remodelling site. Valuable clues in the environment or local architecture are taken into account to then create a personal vision. Inside, the home meets today's building requirements and is finished in a rural and contemporary to high-end urban style. The garden matches the architecture or contrasts, depending on the context, its value and clients’ wishes” (Bernard De Clerck)

In dialogue with the architect
In 'New architectural stories', Bernard De Clerck describes each of the selected projects. In doing so, he cites history and gives the reader an insight into the clients' wishes. As a result, this voluminous monograph becomes an educational and inspirational book allowing the reader to have a look inside the creative spirit that uplifts architecture into heritage.

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