Designer Tine Loncin launches a sofa collection ‘BOXOFA’

Designer Tine Loncin launches a sofa collection ‘BOXOFA’

Tine Loncin launches her new collection 'BOXOFA' and you can take that name literally. The two single chairs, the chaise longue and the footstool from this sofa collection are each designed as a basket full of cushions. And just like the other creations of the Brussels designer and interior architect, this collection excels in simplicity. Each seat is both timeless and unique and composed of only two contrasting materials, namely metal and textile. An additional interesting fact: the sustainable design is produced by Belgian craftsmen and can be personalised.

Simple and sustainable design
In her work, Tine Loncin strives for honesty and transparency. Simplicity therefore runs like a thread through the new 'BOXOFA' collection. The Brussels designer and interior architect worked with just two materials to create a design consisting of a metal frame filled with cushions; two contrasting materials that reinforce each other. Because the cushions are separate elements, you can easily refill them with feathers and replace where necessary without having to reupholster the entire sofa. The metal structure, on the other hand, is indestructible. In other words, a design that will last a lifetime.

Maximum seating comfort
Quality, functionality and ultimate seating comfort helped determine the choice of filling and upholstery of the cushions. Thus, Tine worked with differences in density. The stack of cushions goes from bottom to top from hard to soft and the loose cushions on top were filled with goose feathers. Moreover, to give structure to the seats and prevent the cushions from sagging, the cushions are made of a bespoke foam and finished with cotton wool to counteract upholstery wear. There are also back and arm rests that provide additional seating comfort. Finally, the combination of the fabric and metal structure ensures that the cushions stay in place. Tine opted for soft and durable textiles with a luxurious look.

Photography: Jonah Samyn

SAVVY x Tine Loncin: Belgian press relations
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