The Beauty of Circularity: an immersive installation by Tarkett at 3daysofdesign

The Beauty of Circularity: an immersive installation by Tarkett at 3daysofdesign

Discover the 'Beauty of Circularity', a textural, tactile, immersive installation that celebrates the beauty of circular design and production. The latest collaboration between Tarkett and design futures consultancy FranklinTill, the 'Beauty of Circularity' is a celebration of sustainable design, material and system innovation, and an expression of Tarkett’s longstanding commitment to circularity. The 'Beauty of Circularity' will be a sensorially-charged, interactive showcase that invites visitors to immerse themselves in Tarkett’s circular journey, allowing participants to experience first-hand the changing states of materials within Tarkett’s closed-loop systems. The showcase by Tarkett and FranklinTill aims to deepen visitors’ understanding and connection with the circular production process, and spark conversation, debate and action within the design community around sustainability, materials and circularity.

Experience an immersive material journey
Experience an immersive material journey through the 'Beauty of Circularity' exhibition, FranklinTill has created a physical version of the Tarkett flooring material journey, offering a fresh and inspiring outlook on DESSO by Tarkett’s carpet tiles and homogenous vinyl (HO) flooring. As well as being able to see and feel the changing states of materials at each stage of the process, visitors will also have the option of a unique audio journey delivered via headsets, adding an additional immersive layer to the Beauty of Circularity experience.

A space to connect, discuss and debate
In addition to regular guided tours of the exhibition, Tarkett will be hosting ‘Circular Conversations’ in the space - a series of intimate roundtable-style discussions aiming to tackle some of the biggest questions relating to sustainability and circularity with leading voices in the architecture and design world.

Thomas Leneveu, Vice president Benelux & carpet business unit EMEA said:
“Our intention with the 'Beauty of Circularity' exhibition is to create a tactile, immersive space where visitors can experience and understand the circular journey in a completely different way. We want people to slow down and see, feel and hear the changing states of materials at each stage of the journey. It’s an elevation of the closed-loop system into something beautiful and enjoyable in its own right."

Tarkett's commitment to circularity
Tarkett is focused on doing more with less. It aims to design, produce, sell and recycle in a way that generates less carbon and less waste while contributing to greater comfort, better health, and increased well-being – for humans and the environment alike. Tarkett EMEA’s approach to circularity focuses on three key areas: Design, Material and Circular Journey. This framework drives Tarkett to continually innovate, collaborate and create products that are made to be remade.

SAVVY x Tarkett: Benelux press relations.
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